4 Halloween Costume DIY Ideas Inspired By The Runway

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are planning your costume last minute like us, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 looks from this years Spring 2023 RTW shows which we are *sure* you can recreate – or at least have fun with!

Make a statement with this drapey dress by everyone’s favourite it brand Loewe. All you need is hobby wire from your local hardware or art store, and blue fabric. For the footwear simply safety pin deflated red balloons onto a pair of slippers. How hard could it be?

Photo: Vogue Runway

You only need 5 items to recreate this Balenciaga look: 1. Square dark shades 2. Brown or matching skin-tone corset 3. Visible logo-ed underwear (try buying or reusing a plain pair and adding the logo yourself) 4. Baggy jeans 5. Lastly, the accessory of the season – an oversized belt.

Photo: Vogue Runway

We are feeling some big time twinspiration from Alessandro Michele’s captivating Gucci show, so grab your bestie for this double costume and head over to your favourite local thrift shop to find similar metallic dresses. You’ll need chainmail or sheer, metallic fabric for the neck and long draping shoulder pieces, chains for the face jewellery, sheer nylons for the arm pieces and black sports tape to hold all the accessories together.

Photo: Vogue Runway

Perhaps the easiest look on the list to interpret, all you need to recreate this effortlessly chic Valentino look is: a pair of cat-eye sunnies, a black mini dress, your favourite small baguette to swing around and sky-high clear heels.

Photo: Vogue Runway

We hope you have fun with these. Happy Halloween! XO