In conversation with… Patrice

Meet: Patrice

Occupation: Hair Colourist at Coupe Bizzarre, Art maker by night.

Specialties: Blondes, Bright colours, Extensions, and Custom Wig Pieces.


What do you love most about your job?

I love the transformations. It’s my job to inform people about hair colour possibilities they’ve never thought of.  Yes brown does go with orange and many other combos the average eye doesn’t think about. I like playing with colour to mind-fuck the eyes in order to create wandering tones. No one gets the same thing twice, unless you want it.

PatriceforARKHow do you describe your personal style?

Cyber-goth trash with a punk hangover is sort-of an accurate description. I never buy anything new and the cheaper the better. I’ve been a huge fan of  $2 bins lately. I like looking dead and un-stylish. I ignore trends and if everyone is wearing 90s mum jeans, I’m wearing mid 2000s low-rise. I often build my looks off an accessory or the way I feel that day. The trash element has always been essential to my look. I idolize Tammy Faye’s make-up choices blended with Wendy’O’Williams 80s stripper bombast. Every outfit I craft is an entertainment piece for me and others. Looking like anyone else pains me.


What does your perfect night off entail?

My perfect night off involves not being at home!  I’m either at a concert/local show. Possibly curled up on a bar stool chatting away or organizing art projects for “The Fanny Hill Collective.” Tying myself up, I’m a  Shibari enthusiast. Re-purposing dead things via taxidermy, better not to look in my freezer… Proudest cat-mum ever!


@patricevii– for personal style

@Hairbypatricevii– hair colour work


Photographed & Styled by Marie Powell @mariepowwow

Makeup by Maryanne Skrenewski @maryhadalittleanne