A night out with ‘The Period Power Project’

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The Period Power Project is a non-profit collective devised to bring awareness to the lack of accessibility to feminine hygiene products that exists on a global scale. This lack of accessibility is representative of gender inequality as a whole. Our goal for this event was to raise money to purchase an abundance of menstrual cups and deliver them to a town called Palomino in Colombia where Sofy Mesa will be holding a gathering to distribute them to the women and girls in the community. Bringing the cups to Palomino will reduce living costs, empower girls and women by creating safe spaces for them to discuss their periods and encourage permaculture by introducing a sustainable product into the community.  At YTB gallery we wanted to open up a platform for cultures other than that which we commonly see in mainstream Toronto media. We invited Colombian artists to share their culture with live music, food and dance and we had a group of indigenous women lead a discussion about what menstruation meant to them and the power of the period! Thanks for coming!

by  Aurora Shields

photographed by Clea Christakos-Gee