A Star(let) is Born

Just over a year ago, Ella Marina Nina Oliveira (or ‘Ellie’ if you’re close enough to her) could be found with her head buried in junior year sociality books while working part-time at a Jewish bakery in Washington Heights. Today, it feels like we are on the eve of her inevitable stardom as she finishes up production on her second feature film here in Toronto. 

But before her first critically acclaimed film “Mesa” exits the festival circuit and releases internationally next month, Ella makes her editorial debut, exclusively for Ark. Find out how this sixteen-year-old went from high school drama and baking bagels part-time to help her mom make ends meet, to being discovered by one of Hollywood’s biggest directors, filming a blockbuster action flick, and becoming one of the most in-demand actors her age, all within a year in the upcoming issue of Ark.

“A Star(let) is Born”

By Jonathan Thai

Starring Ella Marina Nina Oliveira

Photographed by Sarah Zanon

Photographer Assistant Anastasia Spivak

Hair by Lukas Press

Makeup by Joseph Hinds

Styled by Marie Powell

Art Director Ivana Mitreska

Production Assistant Andrew Lien

Ark magazine Issue 003 | Spring 2022