Flaunt it

Tear it

     The summer sun has no mercy and you won’t be able to layer for much longer. But maybe you’re also not ready to let it all hang out. Distressed clothing should be your pick. Torn knees, raw edges and stringy seams are all perfect ways to add that subtle grunge to your look. Also it’s very transitional, which is perfect  for those afternoons on patios that quickly fade into nights after one too many pints. You’ll be happy you opted for ripped jeans instead of short shorts when the sun sets.  The look is also a great way to breathe new life into that drab end of your closet. Grab a seam ripper, pair of scissors and a cheese grader and get to work. A tired silk blouse can get that spunk back if you cut the finished seams and give it a raw look. Or turn that old pair of trousers into a new staple by cutting out the ankle seam and pull for that edgy finish. fringejeans

Crop it

         You’d think we were back in the 19th century with how much accenting of the ankle we’re seeing this summer. But don’t fret, the more ankle the better. Pants are shorter, shorts flow and drop past the shin.  All to accent the dainty joint that was once risqué to reveal.  Culottes are back this year in full swing; in varieties of textiles to meet your needs. Flaunt some jersey culottes at the park or biking to your summer haunt. Keep a pleated or wide leg pair for beach day or a night out.  Kick flare denim and cropped skinnies are other great options for staying cool but still looking sophisticated.
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Choke it

    With many referencing the 90s with their streetwear it’s no surprise to see chokers on collars again.  However a particularly elegant niche has been instead tying silk handkerchiefs and bandanas around their necks. Like any accessory it’s a great way to dress up or dress down your outfit. It’s also a nice way to add colour or print in a subtle way.  And so long as you chose smaller scarves you won’t be mistaken for a flight attendant. But you may look so adorable that you get invited onto a yacht by some charmer. A girl can dream right?

Knot it

      Tie it in a bow. Knots are fully exposed this summer whether it be a silky kimono tied at the waist or a busty blouse with a bow in the centre.  This detail creates a point of interest and is also great for accentuating that figure you’ve been working hard on all winter. You can also express different feelings through the knot you tie. A symmetrical bow can be perfect for a morning brunch date while a messy knot might ready you for a wild night.

by Gianluca Inglesi