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The Team

Astrid Beaufils-Clinet studied styling at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris’ 11th arrondissement before specializing in Fashion communication. It was while working as a photo stylist and as a buyer of vintage Haute Couture clothing and accessories where Beaufils-Clinet refined her style and references. She had longed to create her own brand in order to share her unclassifiable style and to be able to free her imagination therefore GACHETTE is not a name chosen by chance: it is the result of a long healing process as the wave in her soul made her a powerful weapon of creation. Beaufils-Clinet has the GACHETTE in her skin, both literally and figuratively. Impetuous and passionate, Beaufils-Clinet unveiled her eclectic tastes to offer us an inspired and committed collection.

Instead of taking the path of the lonely wolf, Beaufils-Clinet invited her longtime friend Alexia Garot into the adventure. Trained in the design section at the Institute of Applied Arts in Paris, Garot had begun her career as an event decorator and created her own line of jewelry. However it was in 2020 during a conversation with Beaufils-Clinet where Garot was seduced by the universe of GACHETTE Paris and realized her shared desire to dust off the square and help restore the bandana to its nobility.

It was not until the others collaborated with Axelle Gillet that the artistic direction and brand identity was fully established and their gang completed. Beaufils-Clinet and Garot note that it is to Gillet they owe the brand’s first collection.

These creators of modern westerns have the same ambition: to embrace the past in order to free the future.

Astrid, what inspired you to create GACHETTE Paris?

I have known for a long time that I wanted to create my own brand so GACHETTE Paris was born out of my own desire for revenge … On life, bandits, false friends, and evil spirits. From the desire to run faster than his shadow and to leave the shadows behind you. Rather than feeling sorry, Axelle, Alexia and I wanted to speak to all those who have chosen to assert themselves and move forward.

The two iconic themes of Entangled Love and Violence are timeless, saving yet destructive, and will be the basis of all of the collections offered by our Parisian brand. Together, we trace the contours of this new adventure, mixing the world of modern westerns and Creative Luxury. GACHETTE Paris: the revenge of the forgotten square!

What does Gachette mean? Why did you choose this name?

“Gachette” in English translates to “Trigger”. To wear this scarf is to recognize that life has not spared you, but it is to move forward and proudly display its cracks.

Our silk accessories are aimed at unconventional fashion enthusiasts who express their personality through a unique and assumed style. We aim to target the scarred hearts of women and men who claim their stubborn character and move forward ignoring the bullets whistling behind them. Each exclusive and limited collection highlights a collaboration with an artist from an unexpected universe for a unique, poetic result.

When I chose this name, I chose my own past and history. I knew that this name was going to fuel my desire to move forward and to bring along the people who also feel inspired by my desire for vengeance (but I’m a nice girl!). This name sounds like a desire for revenge, but mainly that of the forgotten square.

Where and how are the scarves made?

Our silk accessories are made in France for more than prestige but because we believe in encouraging our talents and our French Craftsmanship. They come from the Lake Como region which is the European leader in silk production for the Haute Couture industry. Our muslin ensures quality but also proximity: thus limiting long journeys and their pollution and ensuring respect for workers’ manufacturing laws.

We receive and cut in Paris at Atelier Boivin, where our fabric is hand rolled and where the “100% silk” and “Made in Paris” labeling is added as a final touch. With a desire for transparency we chose packaging (EU) made of recycled cardboard from Packhelp, a company that actively participates in the reforestation of the planet (One Tree Planted). We wrap our pieces in Paris ourselves in tissue paper and arrange them in our tubes bearing the effigy of our collections.

We support and take pride in our clients and like our ethos the brand is mixed, ageless, genderless and without prejudice.

We vow to keep our promise to each universe and artist who make up our collections and will help to impose our universe while asserting yours.

In addition to the creative process, there is a social and committed dimension: we offer our customers the opportunity to make a donation when purchasing a classic square and with each collection the brand will highlight several associations. Each association will be assimilated to a color and the customer who makes a donation for the cause of their choice will see the trigger of the scarf personalized with the color of the association.

This means wearing the “GACHETTE” will also be a militant act.

Collection en cours : L’amour et la violence



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Photography by Laure Sée