In conversation with… A PLASTIC PLANET

For our third print issueIsabel Froemming sat down with Frederikke Magnussen and Siân Sutherland, founders of A Plastic Planet: a solution-based organisation on a mission to ‘turn off the plastic tap.’ They discussed everything from how COVID-19 shifted the conversation around climate change to how the founders’ relationships with fashion and film inform their mission.

“In a world of options, fat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free… why can’t there be a plastic-free option in the supermarket? There’s this 2 for 3 marketing here in the UK, all bundled together, luring in excess, in plastic. I had just done my shopping, sat in the boot of my car, and thought, ‘I don’t want to bring all this plastic home to my family!’ Right then and there, we thought let’s start a different kind of pro-business company.” – Frederikke Magnussen

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Ark magazine Issue 003 x A Plastic Planet

Interview by Isabel Froemming

Photographed by Jack Chipper