In conversation with… MEESH

For issue 003 we sat down with Toronto icon Micheline Wedderburn – aka MEESH – and discussed her upbringing, creative outlets, inspiration and how the pandemic affected her.

An award-winning designer, painter, hot glue artist, thrifter, spin instructor mogul, miniature business maker and mother with a BEd from the University of Toronto and a BA from York University MEESH is true creator by all senses of the word.

“I love collaborating in all things creative. I guess my art has always been my go-to.

And then with lockdown I was like, ‘well I knew this day would come’. What do you think I would do? I don’t like sitting still, and what better place to work out your thoughts than when you’re alone, listening to music for days on end. I mean I stopped speaking.

I finally had time to focus on my collection, and then to win the Inaugural Black Designer Award of Excellence was a bit surreal. George Sully asked me to look out for something in the mail and later I received the infamous hand-crafted glass award. It was a monumental moment for me as a designer. I created something I can be so proud of and that has left me knowing that I won’t aim any lower than I’ve gone, you know what I mean?

I have an old school work ethic and I don’t like to disappoint. If I’m going to do something I’m overly prepared. Look at Ebb & Flow, I mean there must have been thousands of glue sticks used when you think about the number of pieces. And there are probably hundreds of pieces in jewelry and hair accessories. I made the garters, I made the rings, I made the hats, I made the clothing, I made the bags. Stuff I didn’t use I spray painted. It was all just hot glue and a vision.”

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Micheline Wedderburn
photographed by @britcarmichael
beauty by @beautybychloeszcz
interviewed by @mariepowww
location @thedarlingmansion