JODO: A Very Special list of Holiday Specials

There’s nothing quite like the winter holidays; hot cocoa, egg based nog, snow probably, booze definitely and arguing with family about the finer points of local politics and why you’re such a disappointment to that one aunt. Why not try and soften the blow with some good quality holiday specific televised entertainment. Some of which are sure to upset that same aunt. There are so many great shows to choose from but these are this dummies top five in no specific order.

Clone High

“Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special” s01e11

A non denominational, spiced lamb taco flavoured treat featuring a suspiciously hot dumpster woman who may or may not be Mandy Moore. So gather your loved ones and dance the holiday cabbage patch with Dreidelstein, gimel.

Watch here


       “Holy” s02e05

Deeply British slapstick with all the blood and blasphemy one would expect from two drunk perverts hosting a Christmas lunch in their hovel of a flat. Too silly to ever truly be offensive, a feat only comedic geniuses like Edmonson and Mayall could pull off so deftly. Bless us Saint Spudgun. 

For an at home cinematic experience, watch here.


 “The Strike” s09e10 

A holiday classic with guests Tracy Letts and Kevin McDonald who gets us from “yumma humma” to “blimey” in a single interaction. Find some favourable lighting, grab your aluminum poles, air your grievances, stop crying and fight your father!


     “A Huey Freeman Christmas” s01e07 

Huey Freeman presents the true story of Christmas whether you like it or not and Riley attempts to make Santa pay for years of skipped gift giving in the hood.

Don’t look at Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones ain’t gonna help you.

Watch here


A Letterkenny Christmas: The Three Wise Men.” [special]

A sure to be Canadian classic for years to come, the folks of Letterkenny prove how important it is to keep holidaytraditions alive…providing you can make it to midnight to meet the ‘three wise men’ without having a spit. Wayne coyly asking who’s “heard talk of this maybe being the best Christmas party ever” is perhaps the most adorable thing this series has ever done.

I, to the fuckin’, love Christmas.

Just One Dummies Opinion

“A Very Special list of Holiday Specials”

by Dan Ferrari