JODO: The Dead Don’t Die

No doubt if you’ve been waiting to see the new Jim Jarmusch movie the immense and varied cast is a top reason for that. From Adam Driver and Billy Murray to Chloë Sevigny and Iggy pop, the cavalcade of characters never ends. The only person who maybe should’ve been there and wasn’t is the Kool-Aid Man, what with all the fourth wall breaking, Oooooh Yeah…(I’ll see myself out). The idea of Jarmusch dipping back into a genre picture (Dead Man) makes for exciting possibilities. The fact that it would be a zombie film opened up a whole world of “why” and, well “why”!? And in typical, glorious, Jaramusch fashion he does not disappoint on that “WHY”. There is so much zaniness going on here that it may as well be a cartoon. Paying homage as much as it lampoons, playing impartial while also being ham fisted and having Actors (almost half of which are singers) do the opposite of what you’d expect no viewer is safe to try and predict what will happen next or, once again, why. If any or all of that sounds like I’m being negative well then I Jaramusched ya! Nothing is what it seems. Closer in tone to Coffee and Cigarettes this is an auteur director doing whatever he wants in a genre that could always use a fresh take. The fun that everyone (many of which are Jarmusch regulars) is having on screen is contagious. To give any specifics away would be robbing you of surprising glee. Just sit there and let The Dead Don’t Die gnaw on your brains.

Just One Dummies Opinion”

The Dead Don’t Die

critiqued by Dan Ferrari