In conversation with… Jude

For people who are trying to understand, what does being ‘non-binary’ mean?

To me, non-binary means being able to express what ever gender on the spectrum that represents myself. I am a free, non-binary person, being myself and loving it.

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As non-binary, what pronoun do you like to identify yourself with?

I prefer the pronouns they/them.

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When did you realize this is who you really are?

When I met Cody. Before I met him, I was going down a darker path trying to live my life being female and was very, very unhappy with myself. Then Cody helped me make sense of my thoughts and feelings, introduced me to a whole new community of people and basically he has been my biggest supporter since day one, even longer because he knew who I was before we even met!

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How has coming out impacted your life?

In many, many ways, but I have started to value and respect myself more being able to express myself without any boundaries. It has really helped me start living my life purposefully. Also it has shown me who really is there for me and who isn’t.

Before you modelled as Sarah. We even featured you as well (See story here). How has modelling since changed for you since transitioning to Jude?

It has been great! I could not be happier recently signing with Peggi, being accepted as Jude and not having to fall under a category of being on the “mens” or “womens” board. I feel like it’s a fresh new modelling career for myself, the model I was before wasn’t 100% confident and was always holding back. Now that I’m modelling as Jude, I’m not afraid to be myself in front of the cameras!

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Why do you think society is so eager to define gender?

Personally I think it’s been ingrained in most of us growing up. We see gender being defined daily. When I go shopping for some things, I have a good laugh about the ridiculous “men” and “women” packaging on a product that’s the exact same!

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You have amassed a large social media presence. What are the main topics you discuss/share and why are they important to you?

I try to share my own creativity but also myself and my life! Of course topics come up that are more serious, like not being able to have my shirt off .. like ever due to my female anatomy. Which I feel the need to voice my opinion in order to bring some attention to these problems and hopefully promote some change. 

Your partner Cody is very present in your social media. What does he mean to you?

It’s important to have a partner to support you through out life and vice versa. He reminds me to continue to reach for my goals, respects and supports all my decisions, and he always keeps me calm in situations when I’m losing my mind!
My best friend just happens to be my boyfriend!

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Ft Jude @jude.karda @peggilepage_models

& Cody @sorrycody

Shot + Styled by Alexandra Votsis @alexandravotsis

Hair + Makeup by Eryn Shannon @esbridal