“JUST EAT IT” – CUCCI x Bodega collection

Let’s talk about CUCCI, a Toronto brand founded by local badass Hannah Nakawatase in 2017. The traditionally male-dominated cannabis industry is now getting side-swiped by this fearless entrepreneur whose purpose with CUCCI is to change the stigma surrounding both cannabis and female sexuality with her playful products; yes womxn, you heard that right, products to sooth, heal, balance and just straight up have fun with.

CUCCI paired up with Bodega Wellness, a Canadian-based health and beauty company, to create the “JUST EAT IT” collection.

Incredibly their CBD Dropper, Booty Scrub, Face Mask and Bath Salts are all candy pink on pink. It is enticing to the eye, and if that isn’t irresistible enough, after opening the products hints of vanilla and pineapple fill the air. It smells tempting enough to eat, which you can after all!

Although labelled for the booty, the sugar scrub can be used over your entire body for ultimate soothing and moisturizing. The face mask immediately creates a cooling sensation that relaxes both you and your skin, climbing the ranks as the newest necessity in your skincare routine. The bath salts add that perfect amount of bad and bougie to your soak. An especially unique product is the true to brand, CUCCI dropper, which was designed with nothing but the cucci on mind. To use, just apply a few drops on your hand and rub it on your intimate area. With the yummy pineapple, vanilla scent, this blend uses essential oils along with CBD to balance your pH properties and can also be used as an all-natural lubricant.

For the perfect self-love night featuring CUCCI x Bodega, draw a bath and add the Bath Salts for ultimate aromatic atmosphere and relaxation. Light candles, put on your favourite album or mediation sounds, put on the face mask, get in and enjoy. After you are out of the bath make sure to apply the CUCCI dropper to your healthy and relaxed cucci.


For all your CUCCI needs please visit www.cuccicuccicucci.com @cucci.cucci.cucci