In conversation with… Ben

Meet Ben Bonsu: Toronto-based lifestyle and portrait photographer whose refined craftsmanship captures people in a way they feel their best.

Ben, tell us about yourself?

I’m a photographer based out of Toronto. I primarily shoot portrait and lifestyle images. I started taking photography seriously back in late 2017, early 2018. I’m continuously improving and refining my craft as well as refining my skills in all kinds of creative media.

What was the first most important photo you ever took?

The first most important photo I ever took was my last. I seem to want to chase the feeling of seeing how amazing a photo will look and how it will make someone feel. A sense of pride and satisfaction is a huge part of it. My belief is that in that moment, that photo is the accumulation of all my talent, hard work, skills, and experience. Now I get to go get a better photo than that one.

What draws you to lifestyle photography?

I think what draws me to lifestyle photography is highlighting how interesting regular life can be. We’re in a time where we only see people’s highlights. We don’t want to glamorize regular life. For me, lifestyle shows off the parts of life that anybody can resonate with.

What do you enjoy the most about being a photographer? What do you enjoy the least?

I guess what I enjoy the most about photography is being able to tell a story with an image. It lets me take advantage of my life experiences and show how I interpret the world. Comparatively, what I enjoy the least is comparison and impostor syndrome. It’s stifling and inhibiting. The only upside is it forces you to look inward, allowing you an opportunity to learn about yourself as you break out of it.

How do you find the photography community in Toronto?

When I decided I wanted to get paid for my photos it was tough finding people I wanted to work with. It’s very easy to get taken advantage of. The photography community in Toronto does tend to have a bad reputation. I’ve had my fair share of issues but there has been a silver lining. Over time I’ve been able to form a powerful network and community of friends and collaborators. That community has gotten stronger during this time and has only made me a better creative.

What are sources you go to for inspiration?

Life is a big source of inspiration for me. I believe that participating in life contributes to what kind of stories you can tell – what kind of images you think can move people. If you don’t have any kind of experience outside of your personal worldview, you likely cannot make good work. I’m inspired by other sources of media and art as well. I don’t think you can only be inspired by one thing – I can see someone riding their bike down the street and that can build up loads of ideas for me to create with.

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