In conversation with… Temi

Meet Témitope Shobowale: Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Community leader, Creator, Host, Professional Make-up Artist (#temiglow).

What is the story behind the name Temi? 

I actually started introducing myself as “Temi” around the age of eleven because I got tired of people having a hard time pronouncing my full name. I had just immigrated abroad from Nigeria.

My full first name is “Temitope” which means “Mine is worthy of thanks” or to simply put it – “Gratitude”. My family members always refer to me as “Tope” while everyone else calls me “Temi” which means “Mine” in Yoruba, the native language of the Yoruba tribe in Southern Nigeria. I couldn’t think of a more fitting name for my brand than Temi, I love to share my beauty secrets and knowledge of the industry with anyone who is willing to learn.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always advised my clients to first, find natural ways to invest in and take care of their skin before focusing entirely on makeup.

Tell us how Essentials by Temi evolved into what it is today. 

I’ve always known that I would eventually create my own makeup and/or skincare line. When I began curating my intimate HERDAY beauty & wellness workshops in 2015, I noticed that my beauty DIY workshops quickly became my most-popular curated experience. This led to the guests and attendees wanting more but as much as they enjoyed creating their own products, they made it known that they were also very interested in purchasing custom orders from me. 

Throughout my ten years of working as a professional beauty expert and makeup artist, I accumulated a loyal clientele that sought me out to assist them with their personal shopping for beauty needs. Those individuals have become friends and supporters that are now loyal Essentials by Temi customers. I am always focused on growing my brand organically and whenever I get anxious about how the brand keeps evolving rapidly, my customers and friends remind me of the conversations we had over the years, how I manifested and spoke Essentials by Temi into existence.

What did volunteering teach you about yourself and your brand? 

I grew up in the Islamic faith therefore the concept of giving back has always been instilled in me. I spent two years volunteering full-time after graduating Secondary school, those two years taught me skills and values that I have since incorporated into my brand philosophy. The most important thing I learned was that ‘if you don’t have money to give back into your community, you can give your time, knowledge and energy.’ 

What is “Clean beauty”? 

The term Clean beauty can be quite controversial nowadays in the beauty industry as plenty of brands use this term to “green-wash” their products. Clean beauty products are associated with being natural, plant-based, ethically-made and include only non-toxic ingredients. Clean beauty is pretty much everything that deviates from the beauty industry norm.

Were natural products always a key factor when experimenting with your line? 

Most definitely. I could never wrap my mind around the fact that we willingly pay big brands big bucks to feed our skin toxins and harsh chemicals, just because the packaging is “cute”.

How important is a skin care routine?

Prevention is key! Your skincare routine today contributes a lot to the condition of your skin 20 years from now. Designing a skincare ritual that you can remain consistent with will eventually reap you the results you seek.

What is your skin care routine?

My skincare routine varies based on my diet and the season of the year, I try keeping it simple, between 6-7 products unless it’s masque day!

  1. Cleanse using an oil cleanser. 
  2. Exfoliate face and lips with a preferably natural scrub. 
  3. Tone with my Essentials by Temi complexion mist. 
  4. Moisturize with my Essentials by Temi elixir oil. 
  5. Use the Essentials by Temi eye elixir to keep my eyes bags at bay and looking more refreshed.
  6. Keep lips luscious and hydrated with a vegan lip balm.

As you state Essentials by Temi is formed of Passion, Beauty and Philanthropy. What can we expect from you this year? 

Here’s 3 things to expect in 2020:

  1. Product newness, for sure!
  2. My customers will learn more about me, #temiglow and my passion for skincare.
  3. Fundraising to help support and empower other female entrepreneurs locally and in my mother country, Nigeria.

Meet Temi”

Creator of @essentialsbytemi, Host of @designyourowncalm, #temiglow.

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