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JODO: The Tragedy of Macbeth

I was lucky enough to catch an advanced IMAX screening of the new Joel Cohen directed Macbeth adaptation starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand and it was absolutely stunning.  Shakespeare is not the type of entertainment I generally rush to. The content often being ‘royals in trouble’ and iambic pentameter NOT sounding lyrical to me […]

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JODO: A Very Special list of Holiday Specials

There’s nothing quite like the winter holidays; hot cocoa, egg based nog, snow probably, booze definitely and arguing with family about the finer points of local politics and why you’re such a disappointment to that one aunt. Why not try and soften the blow with some good quality holiday specific televised entertainment. Some of which […]

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JODO: Love//Sick

Movies on Love Films are very much a driving force in my world, much to my detriment I’m sure, and have created a vision of love in various forms. From the unobtainable to the downright questionable. A variation of genres and moods all in pursuit of love. This list contains building blocks of someone, who […]

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